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GPS 41º 58' 721" S / 71º 30' 344" W

Stay on Route 40 all the way through town, once in town you will be on Sarmiento St., shorly after the second speed bump on Sarmiento the main road will go towards the left and you will cross a boulevard, San Martin St.
The ACA gas station will be across the boulevard on you right, follow Route 40 out of town, about 1 1/2 kms past the ACA station look for a Goga Radio sign on you right, you are very close to where you need to make a left turn, IF THERE IS ONCOMING TRAFFIC YOU NEED TO MOVE TO THE RIGHT SHOULDER AND WAIT UNTIL IT IS CLEAR TO MAKE A LEFT TURN, on your left look for a the small street sign Subida Juan Marques, close landmarks are Lola Parilla and Cautriciclos signs.
Turn left at the Subida Juan Marques stay on that road take the second right, there you will see our first sign, stay on that road and take the first left, you will see our second sign, at the top of that hill make a left, follow that road until you see a FM Patagonia Andina sign and our sign on you left that tells you to go up the hill, follow that road, when you see an old white washing machine make a left on to the smaller road and you will see our B&B on you right, the entrance is marked with a sign as well. I hope my directions are clear. "Dreamy Little Mountain Retreat - Really a highlight. I'd recommend it strongly." (read review)

Cel. 2944633409


outside Argentina: 011 54 294 4491729 inside Argentina: 0294 4491 729
(Cel. 2944633409)

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